The Admin Group met via video link on Sunday 12 December 2021

Phillip Clarke – Chair
Ben Griffin – Administrator
Alan Chick – Treasurer
Brad Oliver – Sweeper

Neil Harvey – Membership Secretary

1. VFP Pledge 
2. Chair update
3. Administrator update
4. Treasurer update
5. Membership Secretary update
6. Sweeper update
7. Aims for 2022
8. Vacancies
9. Necessary decisions
10. Outstanding tasks

  1. VFP Pledge

The following pledge was made at the start of the meeting:

We, veterans of the armed forces, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace. We are peaceful in our words, methods, and actions.

  1. Chair update

An email has been sent to Shrewsbury House thanking them for the concert they organised in memory of Jim Radford and for the donation raised on the night.

  1. Administrator update

Work has been carried out on our website, updating information, creating a Find Us page, publishing the Handbook and publishing new articles.

The “rogues gallery” of members has been updated on our About page. If you would like to be added please email a picture to

We hold a number of domain names that are surplus to our requirements they will be sold or let go of in the coming weeks to reduce our financial obligations.

Our email accounts supplied through Google have been rationalised following the decisions at our AGM.

  1. Treasurer update

Monthly financial report has been presented to the Admin Group, Anyone wanting a copy can email accounts@vfpuk.og

We currently have £4470 held in our accounts.

A donation from VFP USA of $250 was received for the work carried out by David Collins at COP 26.

Rationalisation of our email accounts has saved us £552 per annum.

We are now using Google meet for video meetings as it is included in our monthly package and so Zoom will not be renewed saving us £119 per annum.

It is suggested that we open a savings account and put aside enough money to cover the running costs of our organisation for one year.

  1. Membership Secretary update

303 Memeber with 124 having provided Proof of Service

If you have joined VFP UK and are yet to submit Proof of Service please do so by sending a copy to

  1. Sweeper update

Brad Oliver took part in a study led by UWE Bristol to explore how defence sector could be decarbonised. They are looking for more interviewees. Any member interested in taking part can email Dr Karen Bell (

  1. Aims for 2022

It was agreed that in line with the Handbook changes made at our AGM the priority for our organisation is to encourage the formation of Outreach Groups.

Outreach Groups can be centred around a location (eg London), around a specific project (eg Nuclear Weapons), or around a specific event (eg Durham Miners Gala on Saturday 9 July).

A specific page on the website FIND US has been set aside for the publication of information on our Outreach Groups.

The page also features ongoing Outreach activity carried out by individual members.

If you are looking to start an Outreach Group or if you have one to publicise please email

Given the success of our online AGM in 2020 and 2021 it is proposed that the Annual General Meeting for 2022 be held online.

A discussion was held on holding an Annual Gathering in 2022. The present consensus was that we would gather in London on the Remembrance Weekend and hold a Ceremony at The Cenotaph. As yet no formal decision has been made. We will be canvassing the membership in early 2022 as to the demand for such an event.

  1. Vacancies

We have the following social media accounts;

Youtube – Vacant
Facebook Page – Steve Metcalf
Twitter – Phil Clarke
Instagram – Daniel Taylor

Each platform is essentially an Outreach Group.

If anyone is interested in taking on our Youtube channel please email

The Neutral Country campaign, whilst no longer a priority for our organisation, still has a website and social media accounts. If anyone is interested in taking on the campaign then please email

  1. Necessary decisions on behalf of the AGM

None required at this time

  1. Outstanding tasks

Next meeting of the Admin Group will be on Sunday 9 January at 1700hrs


For corrections or clarification please email

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  1. Ged says:

    Nice One Mr. Fireman 🙂
    bin missing these a good while.
    ref. 6. how to de-carbonise the ‘def.’ sector: scrap it, simple as. No def. aka offence sector no carbon, end of.
    Bung out that call for Research (or “Boffin”) gp, see if any takers ?

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