The Admin Group met via video link on Sunday 09 January 2022

Ben Griffin – Administrator
Alan Chick – Treasurer
Brad Oliver – Sweeper

Phillip Clarke – Chair
Neil Harvey – Membership Secretary

1. VFP Pledge 
2. Chair update
3. Administrator update
4. Treasurer update
5. Membership Secretary update
6. Sweeper update
7. Any other business
8. Necessary decisions
9. Outstanding tasks

  1. VFP Pledge

The following pledge was made at the start of the meeting:

We, veterans of the armed forces, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace. We are peaceful in our words, methods, and actions.

  1. Chair update – Phillip Clarke

Phillip was unable to attend the meeting, nothing to report.

  1. Administrator update – Ben Griffin

All day to day tasks are in hand, my main focus is on supporting members who want to start Outreach Groups.

A new Outreach Group for veterans of Northern Ireland is in development. Lee Lavis will be sending information in for publication on the website soon.

If members feel passionately about a certain issue or events, they are encouraged to form an Outreach Group and begin organising.

If members want a VFP Outreach Group based in their local area then they are encouraged to start one, please get in touch for advice and or assistance.

Help and advice on how to form an Outreach Group in your local area or around a specific issue is available to any Veteran For Peace. Please email me ( or call me on 07866 559 312.

  1. Treasurer update – Alan Chick

Our financial situation has improved since the AGM with our total balance standing at £4909.38

It is assessed that we will have the funds to cover the costs of an two day Annual Gathering in November.

  1. Membership Secretary update – Neil Harvey

303 Members with 124 having provided Proof of Service

If you have joined VFP UK and are yet to submit Proof of Service please do so by sending a copy to

  1. Sweeper update – Brad Oliver

The Sweeper carries out unforeseen tasks and assists the Admin Group where required. At present all of the work of the Admin Group is covered and so the Sweeper (Brad Oliver) has had time to look into a few possible events and projects that might be of interest to members.

VFP to attend the Durham Miners Gala on Saturday 9 July. Details have been published on the website.

VFP Scotland. If you want to get involved with VFP in Scotland please email Brad (

Brad is working on an article/briefing for the website on the arms company Raytheon.

  1. Any other business

Ben will look into the possibility of VFP London hosting the VFP UK Annual Gathering at Friends House, Euston in November 2022.

  1. Necessary decisions

None required at this time.

  1. Outstanding tasks

Proof of Service rates in our organisation need to be improved.

Post needs to go up on how to form an Outreach Group.

Next meeting Sunday 13 February 2022

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  1. Danny Beever says:

    Thanks for the update.

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