Date: Saturday 19 March

Time: 1230 hrs

Location: Brewery Tap, 18 New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 5DL

Arrangement: Mike Elstub 07704137171

Are you a veteran of the armed forces?

Are you ready to serve the cause of world peace?

Then this social gathering and planning meeting is for you.

We will be meeting at 1230 hrs in the Brewery Tap which is just 100 yards from the main exit of Leeds Railway Station.


  1. Guy says:

    I aim to be there….looking forward to it.

  2. Foxy says:

    Sorry I can’t be there.. I’ll be protesting war and climate change etc outside the Tory party conference in Blackpool that weekend.
    have fun… I know I will..

  3. Graham Horne says:

    I’ll be there.

  4. Timothy Veater says:

    Do people realise the machinations of arrogant and stupid world leaders and interests are drifting us almost inevitably to the exchange of nuclear weapons which would plunge the Western World into a new dark age? Putin has his finger on the nuclear trigger and he may be mad enough to use it if he is attacked by NATO or if he is otherwise backed into a corner. The American leader is a geriatric idiot who has proved his incompetence in Afghanistan and Putin has taken advantage of it. Ukraine has been the target of covert US/Israel attempts to wrench it from Soviet influence. The die was set in 2014 and this is the Russian payback. Any fool could see the likely outcome. Don’t tell me the Western multi-billion military/intelligence/industrial complex was ignorant and benign, whilst blinding the world with a fabricated germ panic. If the Simpsons could predict it why could not they? Should we conclude not only they knew but had encouraged this environmental and social disaster? Has it not been the topic of sophisticated war games for decades? What was the outcome of those? Was it indeed a MAD outcome – Mutually Assured Destruction? Sadly the world is in the hands of maniacs and criminals. On the streets they throw a punch or thrust a knife. When in charge of States they can obliterate cities at the touch of a button. We suffer from a attitudinal paradox: being intentionally terrified by non-existent threats – Islamist terrorism/global warming/CO2/Covid – whilst being lulled into complacency over real ones, like nuclear annihilation, that has never gone away since 1945. Be in no doubt, a new Iron Curtain has descended, a new Cold War has been ushered in, the possibility nuclear exchange heightened. And all for what? I hope those that have engineered this ‘new world order’ are pleased with themselves. https://veaterecosan.blogspot.com/2022/02/

    1. Robert Sheridan says:

      Spot on Timothy.
      All state leaders are in the same club, their military and police are giving the green light to crush protesters with any means, we seen it in France , Canada, and the UK recently when peaceful women dared hold a Virgil for a raped and viciously murdered Sarah Erevard . The stormtroopers aggressively trampled over carefully laid flowers and candles in Sarah’s memory to intimidate defenceless women, The UK are in that nasty club of shutting people up .
      I know from experience the reality of the barbaric way they deal with whistle blowers .

      If anyone in a uniform tails you.
      Worry .

      Peace to all ✌️

  5. Mike Elstub says:

    Turn right out of main exit from station, first pub on the left on the corner.

    1. Robert Sheridan says:

      Sorry I can’t make the meeting this time

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