Date: Wednesday 9 March

Time: 1830 hrs

Location: Housmans Books, 5 Caledonian Road, N1 9DY

Arrangement: Ben Griffin (admin@vfpuk.org)

Are you a veteran of the armed forces?

Are you ready to serve the cause of world peace?

Then this meeting is for you.

If it is your first meeting please bring proof of military service.


  • Set up chairs in a circle
  • Introductions
  • VFP Pledge
  • Personal updates
  • Recent VFP activity
  • Upcoming VFP activity
  • Any other business
  • Group decisions
  • Next meeting
  • Tidy away chairs


We hold an informal coffee / social before the main meeting. Please feel free to come along.

Time : 1715 hrs

Location: Starbucks on Pentonville Road


  1. Robert Sheridan says:

    Sorry I can’t make the event , I will persevere to attend others if possible ,
    Peace to all .

  2. Michael McCarthy says:

    I would love to be there but am busy fighting the good fight over here in post truth Ireland. Henrymakow.com and unz.com are most useful in shedding light. Please, let me know other bright sparks.
    Peace in our time, in The Lord’s holy name ❤️🙏
    Michael McCarthy
    Combat veteran

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