The Admin Group met via video link on Sunday 15 May 2022

Ben Griffin – Administrator
Alan Chick – Treasurer
Neil Harvey – Membership Secretary
Brad Oliver – Sweeper

Phillip Clarke – Chair (Work commitment)

1. VFP Pledge 
2. Chair update
3. Administrator update
4. Treasurer update
5. Membership Secretary update
6. Sweeper update
7. Any other business
8. Necessary decisions
9. Outstanding tasks

  1. VFP Pledge

The following pledge was made at the start of the meeting:

We, veterans of the armed forces, having dutifully served our nation,
do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace.
We are peaceful in our words, methods, and actions.

  1. Chair update – Phillip Clarke

Phil was unable to attend due to work commitments.

Phil has been reaching out to points of contact in other organisations with future VFP podcasts in mind.

Phil has run some initial test recordings of the VFP podcast.

The filming of the VFP podcast and recording of VFP testimonies has now began at Housmans.

  1. Administrator update – Ben Griffin

All day to day tasks are in hand.

An Outreach Group has reformed in the North of England and is meeting regularly in Leeds.

There is an Outreach Group meeting regularly in London.

At present there are no other Outreach Groups preparing to form.

Any Veteran For Peace can start an Outreach Group. Please email me ( or call me on 07866 559 312 for help and advice.

  1. Treasurer update – Alan Chick

Our financial situation continues to improve since the AGM with our total balance standing at £5320.30

Monthly repost has been sent out to Admin Group members.

Annual Financial Report has been prepared and will be available before the AGM.

  1. Membership Secretary update – Neil Harvey

310 Members with 132 having provided Proof of Service.

The website has been updated to help members access Proof of Service.

A handbook change is being worked on that will require members of VFP to carry Proof of Service when representing VFP or attending meetings and events.

If you have joined VFP UK and are yet to submit Proof of Service please do so by sending a copy to

  1. Sweeper update – Brad Oliver

Emails were sent out to VFP members in Scotland some replies coming in.

Brad to call round members in Scotland.

Contacted VFP in the North to organise around Durham Miners Gala.

  1. Any other business

Annual Gathering
There are no plans at present for an Annual Gathering in London in November.

There is the possibility of a gathering in London on International Peace Day, Wednesday 21 September. Ben is giving a public talk in the evening and we may be able to use the venue in the daytime. If there is interest we will also pursue online access. Ben is to meet with David Collins to discuss the arrangements.

We feel that the way forward for VFP is to concentrate our efforts on Peace (rather than Remembrance) and therefore International Peace Day (Sep 21) seems like the most obvious date to organise around.

The Cenotaph
We last attended The Cenotaph en-masse in 2019. The circumstances and energies that drove our attendance at The Cenotaph in previous years (2013-2019) have passed. It is felt that in this decade (the 2020s) we would like to shift our focus and energy to International Peace Day in September. There are presently no plans to attend the Cenotaph this year.

Remembrance Sunday
We still encourage Veterans For Peace to attend their local Remembrance ceremonies and events in VFP Blue.

Annual General Meeting
AGM is planned to be held online on Sunday 20 November. This will give folk the opportunity to attend Remembrance events the previous weekend and report to the AGM.

8. Necessary decisions

See any other business.

  1. Outstanding tasks

Handbook addition to cover Proof of Service will be drafted before the September deadline.

Confirmation will be made shortly on the possible gathering in September.

Next meeting Sunday 12 June 2022


  1. David Westgate says:

    I thoroughly approve the emphasis in the (new?) pledge. Excellent.
    The gathering on the International Peace Day is also a good plan. As a distant and ageing (!) member, I would much appreciate a zoomed attendance at any appropriate point.

  2. Ged says:

    and Ukraine ?? …. after only 80 days …

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