DATE: Wednesday 10 August

TIME: 1700 onwards

LOCATION: Wetherspoons 29–35 Farringdon Road

Arrangement: Ben Griffin

On Wednesday 10 August there will be an “AFTER VFP” social evening at The Sir John Oldcastle, Wetherspoons, Farringdon.

We will gather there from 1700 (5pm).

The pub is a short walk from Farringdon Station which is on Underground, Thameslink and Elizabeth Line services.

Please spread the word to those not on online.

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  1. Andrew Tyler says:

    You’re not really giving us any more information after yesterdays earthquake news.
    Would really appreciate an update.
    London is a million miles away from where I am, and quite honestly I have no desire to travel there.
    Has the location been a problem for others?
    Would it be better to hold meetings more centrally?

    Lots of questions but no answers yet.

    kind regards,
    I may have been forced to be an armchair supporter but I genuinely believe in the organisation

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