Good Morning

Emerging in a time of war, VFP UK formed to serve the cause of world peace.

We found community, sanctuary, purpose, and a vital platform during tumultuous stages of our lives.

Everything comes to an end one way or another.

Now a shadow of its former self, VFP UK is being closed down in a calm and peaceful manner.

Our body of work will be left online for future generations of veterans to take what they need from it.

This might come as a shock to some of you.

To others not so much.

If you would like to speak to me about this I am available in the evenings.

There will be a major social gathering in January for us to gather, remember and celebrate.

More information concerning the closure of VFP UK will be posted on this website soon.

Peace to you all

Ben Griffin
Founder VFP UK


  1. Dear VfP UK,
    I am saddened and truly surprised to hear that VfP UK will be closing down.

    I have so many questions and definitely would like to be kept apprised regarding any final events or gatherings. I have covered your events and spoken to your members ever since I first became a journalist. But I have followed your work while I was still in the field of law.

    I have always been impressed with what you have achieved, especially given your resources and do hope that VfP UK can somehow reconstitute itself at some point. I have always found VfP UK to be effective and clear in their message delivery and moral consistency.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mohamed Elmaazi

  2. Les havell says:

    Hope I can still wear my VFP sweatshirt…. lol

  3. Fiona Gallagher says:

    I’m sorry to hear this news. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to make, as I know personally, how forward thinking and life changing your work has been. I hope that much good will be taken from everyone’s experiences and that all of the VfP members, past and present, are proud of their contribution to a world where war is never the answer.
    Ádh mór oraibh go léir agus tá súil agam sibh go léir a fheiceál arís.
    (Good luck to you all and I hope to see you all again ) ❤️

  4. RS says:

    Well done to all my brothers and sisters,

    I should have given more support over the years; but truth be told I often felt weak, alone and frequently disorientated. I couldn’t face it, like a lot of veterans, just facing daily life is a struggle. VFP, was always a source of hope and so it will continue to be so for so many of us. Joining and offering remote support was one of my better decisions in life, it gave me a little bit of dignity back, I suppose. I am so very proud of all the people that were prepared to join and stand up for peace and justice. An honour to be accepted by such remarkable people. For me this was true patriotism, this was one of the best examples of our country at its best, it highlights what we can can and should be proud of; rather than taking pride in the trivial or that which is downright destructive and contemptable to any reasonable mind. Thank you to one and all, thank you to Ben and the team for showing great mettle and leadership for the right reasons, often at a cost to family life and personal well being.

    My Kindest regards,


  5. Shaun Cole says:

    I’m so sorry to hear the news. ☮ love and peace

  6. Robert Williams says:

    The Cleveland chapter 39 in USA is defunct after its resurrection in 2004 and sadly VFP UK is joining us. I variously supported both, so sad.

  7. Eric Walker says:

    As a soldier in WW2 I have followed VFP but not taken part in any activities. I would like to thank Ben and his helpers for their great work.

  8. Gus Hales says:

    As a former member, I was pleased to be involved with some of VFPs initiatives. The subject is a difficult one. The nature of the term ‘Veterans for Peace’, by default polarises people into two camps, those who are for peace and those who aren’t. This is not a criticism but a fact. It’s one of the reasons why I left and became a lone wolf in this area. During one particular protest, I found that there were many on the so named other side that were just as concerned about current affairs as VFP, it was the Red v White Poppy debate, a right v left position,again which just puts people into opposing stances. I guess if there is ever to be a future movement regarding this subject, it will have to try and incorporate both camps and speak as a single voice. How that happens, I haven’t a clue, like I say this is not a criticism but what I found out. VfP did what it did with the right intention and I can say that I was proud to be part of it.

  9. David Marchesi says:

    A sad reflection on the state of the world, but a big thank-you to all the activists who have given of themselves over the years. Militarism,not just war, is the enemy, profiting from cheap and nasty appeals to “patriotism” and, let’s face it,an imported version of machismo. I hope and believe members and supporters will carry working for sanity and decency against the tide, perhaps by joining the CampaignAgainst the Arms Trade or Stop The War . I am proud and honoured to have been associated with VFP, and shall remember the cenotaph parades especially.

  10. Gerry Osborne (Mr) says:

    Well! The structure might have gone, but from what I hear too many of us are NOT going away, and It is my intention to put on my VfP top and express my peace ambitions whenever I can.

  11. Phil says:

    I served as a member of VFP from 2012 until our closing down today in August 2022, including a few stints on the policy/admin group.
    During my twenty years in the British Army I was never proud to be on parade; the only time I have ever proud to be on parade was when I joined my fellow veterans in VFP at the cenotaph, marching under the banner ‘Never Again’.
    I will remember fondly my colleagues in VFP and the outreach events I was part of. Did we achieve our aims? Yes! We certainly raised awareness of the cost of war, and our testimony did inform and educate fellow UK residents. Is there more work do do? Yes, and I and my now fellow veterans of VFP UK will be finding new ways of raising the awareness of the costs of war and why war is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st century.

  12. Hugh Hill says:

    Hi Ben,
    My name is Hugh Hill, you may not know me but I have photographed you a couple of times over the years as well as supporting the VFP in its pursuit of dialogue over conflict.
    It saddens me to hear that VFP is shutting down its operations, I can only guess that this reason may be political and possibly fueld by Britain and the rest of the NATO’s never quelling appitite for more and more war.
    It has got to the stage where I am now convinced that NATO is sponsored by the arms industries and that is why they (NATO) are so keen on wars.

    Regardless of everything else I commend you for your work especially laying good foundationing for any future VFP activists to possibly pursuit.
    Wishing you a good life and hope you invest your efforts into the things you love and bare fruits for your labours.

    Kind regards.

    Peace always.

    Hugh Hill.

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