During long discussions with founding members, serving and former Policy/Admin Group members, Trustees, and other long-term members of the organisation, the same observations kept cropping up.

That participation at organised meetings and events is down to minimal numbers.

That disruptive elements have embedded themselves within the organisation.

That maintaining the infrastructure of the organisation diverts our energy away from our stated purpose; To serve the cause of World Peace.

That the organisation is a shadow of its former self.

With these observations in mind the decision was taken to close down the organisation by executive action in a calm and peaceful manner.

This action is now complete, the organisation Veterans For Peace UK has been dismantled.

Beyond the organisation, many of our former members will continue to serve the cause of world peace in a variety of ways.


All members are hereby released from membership of Veterans For Peace UK. All membership databases and records have been deleted.


All outstanding bills have been paid and the Bank Accounts have been closed. If you donate to VFP UK by standing order, then please cancel your standing order through your bank. All donations via paypal have been stopped. Our closing financial statement can be read here: Final Accounts

All residual funds held by the organisation Veterans For Peace UK have been donated to the charity Veterans Aid who give practical help and housing to homeless veterans. A significant number of our membership have been helped by Veterans Aid over the years.


The website veteransforpeace.org.uk will be maintained online as an archive. If you wish to receive the occasional legacy update from the website, please subscribe at the base of the homepage.


Our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo, have been frozen in time and will remain accessible to the public.


There is a strong demand among former members to maintain the friendships forged during service within the organisation. There will be occasional AFTER VFP social gatherings & reunions posted to this website. If you want to recieve these posts, please subscribe at the base of the homepage.


There are far too many people who have contributed to this organisation over the years to name here. Whatever it was we did, we could not have done it without you all.

To all of you who have contributed, in every possible way, we thank you.

Through Peace, With Peace, In Peace.


  1. Paul Rogers says:

    Respect and gratitude to all.

  2. Eddie Carroll says:

    Sad, sad day. As my old man used to say, “Face to face is the best way to make someone think.” In this I shall continue. Be safe and take care of each other. Eddie.

  3. Fiona Gallagher says:

    Best of luck to you all and I hope going forward that life is good to you.
    I look forward to the get together!

  4. Gerry Osborne says:

    To my mind the idea of disbandment is OTT.
    Oh YES Covid gave us a good kicking,
    Jim Radford going was a big hit for me, gentle spoken but very powerful with intent.
    The way I see it, VfPUK has gone into hibernation until the next spring arrives when one or two will be quite surprised

  5. Vince Chittock says:

    The very best to one and all.

  6. Martin Guilfoyle says:

    Thank you all. Be proud of a great achievement. Thank you.

  7. Garry Harriman says:

    I am very sorry to see the UK chapter of VFP founded by former Parachute and Special Air Service soldier, Ben Griffin offcially disbanded.

    The ultimate desire to see better behaviour by our species both to ourselves and all species we share out home wirh will never be diminished by those that care, espcially those that have served and wittnessed the abhorent narure of conflict in all it’s forms.

    Garry Harriman
    RAF, 1987-2006
    South Carolina

    1. Norah says:

      There is so much mounting evidence especially in the North of Ireland that shows collusion between British and Irish government. I am privy to some new evidence…there is no coincidence that the government is adding vilifiying soldiers to its prevent policy…and the new amnesty policy…because if such soldiers as yourself told the truth and held accountable the powers that be…we would be in a better safer place.

      1. Fiona Gallagher says:

        I agree. I’m from Derry and having gone through the height of it all I’ve always said the governments and the establishments were the real reason it all lasted so long. The lies and the cover ups. To the cost of so many lives. They are the ones who should be held accountable for sure Norah.

  8. Chris Lawrence says:

    What a sad day. Peace I leave with you…

  9. Richard Outram says:

    Good luck to you all. May you have peace in your hearts and in your lives.

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